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COUGAR® Energy Advantage

COUGAR® Energy Power
The Power is in the Formula

Why COUGAR® Energy?

Because ladies, you’re not the average energy drink consumer. Most energy drinks provide quick ups and downs and not much else. Most energy drinks have been marketed towards men, and as we’re sure you know, men and women are very, very different.

When we decided to create an energy drink designed for women, we looked at what ingredients we could add to COUGAR® to make it not only tasty but a functional beverage that actually provides women with enhancements their minds and bodies need.

Starting with something as simple as the taste of the product was designed with women in mind. Have you ever had an energy drink that tasted different warm and cold? Well, we know that a modern woman is a woman on the go. The ability to grab a COUGAR® energy and throw it in the purse or workout bag and know it will taste as good as if you took it right from the office refrigerator is something we considered when creating COUGAR® for you.

I am Woman, Hear me Roar

No bigger than tube of lipstick. Why get blotted and weighted down drinking large canned energy drinks. COUGAR®’s 2oz shot is simple and effective.

COUGAR® Energy is no bigger than a tube of lipstick

COUGAR® cocktail anyone? Spice up girls night - use cougar as a mixer with your favorite adult beverage.

COUGAR® cocktails

Two female friendly formulas. Try the new COUGAR® Double Shot Today!

Two female friendly formulas
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